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Writing Coming Soon. Promise.

I promised blogs and you will sure and shi-eep get blogs. It's just taken a little longer to write and share some than I could have expected. Almost a year to be precise. Honestly? I'm gutted. I really thought announcing on my website that I would be publishing some bits and bobs would help hold me accountable. However, I'm deciding to go easy on myself because it has been a year for us all and whilst I have continued to write and get my thoughts down, it hasn't always felt like the most appropriate time to spout them into the world. And, because I've been incredibly fortunate to be kept busy with a couple of projects. Some have even included writing. I'm sure I'll bore you all to tears with those soon but in the meantime, thought I could share a link to some of the things I have written in the past for various organisations and websites. And maybe, just maybe, I'll add something else up here before next July.


So, in no particular order:

Last year the Edinburgh Festival run of my new play twenty-eight produced by DEM Productions was put on hold. kindly asked me to write about how rubbish that was! And so I did.
Right before the first lockdown last year (like, right before) my play WHEN WE DIED produced by Carbon Theatre enjoyed a run at the 2020 VAULT Festival. The play had been long listed for the 2017 Bruntwood Playwriting Award and so they asked me and the play's director Andy Routledge to write about the process of getting the play from page to stage...over four years. Read the piece here.
In 2016 I started work on my first full-length play 3 Years, 1 Week and a Lemon Drizzle which I later toured with another actress who just so happens to be my younger sister. The play is about our relationship and the effect my eating disorder had on it. Once it was up and running we were invited to write about what we learned from the process of making and performing the show together by Beat, the UK's leading eating disorder charity. Have a look at the piece here.

That's probably enough for now isn't it? But remember, should you be desperate for more, the About Me section of this website includes more links to more of my writings. For now, stay safe and take care.

A x

Me, working with my Fab Friend Maria (Jez) on a short play I wrote for The Bunker. It's the only writery picture I think I have of me.


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