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Exciting News - if you're me.

Picture the scene: It's Thursday 16th June 2022, the weather is beautiful; hot and sunny but not in a worrying way. That comes a few weeks later. I'm at a gin distillery tour in West London, a Christmas present to my mum which we postponed. Twice. (Lots of!) gin was drunk, fun was had and the evening was winding down when I received a phone call from a friend, writer and producer - Tristan White.

See, the gin consuming tour was planned for the same evening as the BFI screening of a film (amongst lots of other brilliant ones) that Tristan wrote and produced called, Trish: As Seen on TV. I was thrilled be a small part of the film and so sad that, due to the mum/gin date, I wasn't able to be there. I was extra sad when, upon answering the phone to Tristan, I learnt that I'd only gone and won the Annie Rowe Casting Award for Best Performance for playing Executive Producer, Kathy Collard, in the film.

I for one am over the bloody moon - and very grateful to Annie and her team, and to Tristan and the entire cast and crew of Trish: As Seen on TV. It's 1000 times easier to act when the writing is good and the people you're working with are smashing and brilliant and so, with that in mind, I practically played this role in my sleep. So, there we are: my exciting news - gin and awards. Name a better pairing...

A gin and tonic.


A x


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