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Hire me. Please.

Whilst this might be considered cringey beyond belief, in a desperate attempt to continue being employed now more than ever (call me crazy ambitious), I have been collating a few comments and quotes from reviews about my work as an actor and writer in the hope I might be considered hireable for any of your upcoming projects.

Nice things people have said about me as a facilitator are available upon request too, but that work doesn't really get reviewed. I don't think. Are other facilitators being reviewed? ...anybody?

Anyway, I am very available for your acting, writing and facilitating needs from mid-November 2022 so if you're keen to find out if anything you read below is true, let's chat? I am also very friendly, have an unrivalled passion for Ancient Egypt and I'm very good at gift giving, but - in the interests of transparency - apparently I make coffee too strong and I am prone to doing impressions of Orla from Derry Girls at what might be considered inappropriate moments. An excellent impression, I might add.

Nice things people have said about me (Alexandra Donnachie) - and my work!


‘Donnachie is really terrific’ Lyn Gardner for Stagedoor

‘’s Alexandra Donnachie as LG’s mistress and eventual wife, Frances Stevenson – “the invisible woman,” who also acts as our narrator – that gives this show its heart.’ - The Scotsman

‘…the whole piece is really held together by Alexandra Donnachie as Frances, who has a lot of factual information to deliver but she keeps it interesting and the ending, even though we know what's coming, has quite an emotional kick that took me by surprise, purely, I think, from her delivery.’ - British Theatre Guide

‘From Pussy, the mistress of DLG to Clemmie, the true tour-de-force of these men, Alexandra Donnachie, is the perfect multi-roleplayer. She perfectly portrays a woman’s innate ability to adeptly manipulate the actions of a man whilst they seemingly believe it was their idea all along.’ - The Arts Business

‘Alexandra Donnachie playing (amongst other characters) the role of Frances Stevenson, or ‘Pussy’, as she’s more affectionately known as, is the true story-teller and headliner in this piece. Her confidence and presence on the stage is the perfect counterbalance to the two male characters, and she expertly commands the audience’s attention’ - Fringe Review

‘Alexandra Donnachie is wonderous. She’s smart, kind, and confident. Her scenes of heartache are deeply touching. Few actors could manage to hold their ground between two such larger than life personalities, Donnachie not only holds, she takes centre stage’ - Get Your Coats On

‘...clearly a lot of thought has gone into how best to tell this story and the Donnachie sisters are playing two characters called Kate and Alex with great skill.’ - Disability Arts Online


‘Donnachie’s writing is unexpectedly beautiful as it describes the process of embalming and the care that Rachel’s accords the body… It doesn’t shirk what happened, but crucially it takes care of its audience too… It’s quietly hold-your-breath gripping’ - Lyn Gardner for Stagedoor

‘The script itself is fabulous. It deftly navigates difficult topics with both sensitivity and exquisite detail – no mean feat given the subjects involved. The show is both written and performed by Alexandra Donnachie, and her performance is as excellent as her writing.’ - The Reviews Hub

‘...a gripping play that deals sensitively with a difficult topic. I only hope more people get to experience it’ - Spy in the Stalls

‘...a poignantly affecting, well-written and well-judged monologue that treats a disturbing central issue with painstaking sensitivity yet leaving us with a semblance of hope. Highly recommended.’ - Act Drop

‘It is a beautifully crafted, very funny and sad theatrical experience about two engaging young women and their response to a shitty situation… It is clever writing too. ’ - Disability Arts Online

‘It’s a difficult subject to make work, yet here it does because there’s just enough comedy threaded through to keep the production light and informative. The connection between the sisters, and the story they have to tell makes 3 Years, 1 Week and a Lemon Drizzle a lip bitingly moving account of a family whose relationship has been tested, and survived.’ - Theatre Weekly

‘Alexandra’s script is fun, thought-provoking and emotional.’ - LondonTheatre1

‘Recalling touching memories, laugh out loud anecdotes and Mars Bars, Alexandra Donachie’s new play 3 Years 1 Week and a Lemon Drizzle is a searingly frank and painfully funny examination of what it’s like to live with a loved one and their mental illness.’ - BritishTheatre.Com

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